Timisoara and its region

Welcome to your Voyage Experience guide: « Timișoara and its region«  which we hope will help you discover this beautiful Romanian city, designated capital of European culture in 2023. Relatively unknown by foreign tourists, Timișoara is nevertheless one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, rich in cultural, historical and architectural heritage, with great restored urban compexes, interesting … Lire la suite

Leuven and its region

We welcome you to your Voyage Experience guide: « Leuven and its region », which will help you discover this beautiful city of Belgium and other nearby cities that are well worth a visit. Leuven will enchant you with its architecture, parks and beguinages. We discovered this great city when we were young and living in Belgium. However, we still … Lire la suite

Bratislava et sa région

Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue dans votre nouveau guide Voyage Experience: « Bratislava et sa région », qui vous fera découvrir une des perles cachées de l’Europe centrale, ainsi que sa belle région qui dévoile un kaléidoscope de superbes paysages et d’histoire riche.. Nous avons mis longtemps avant d’enfin arriver à découvrir cette capitale européenne … Lire la suite

Malaga City trip

We welcome you to your new guide Voyage Experience: « Malaga – City trip ». If you are planning to spend a weekend or a short stay of a few days in Malaga, then this guide will help you discover this beautiful Andalusian city, located between the sea and the mountains. If you want to go there … Lire la suite

Milan and its region

Would you like to discover a new charming town? So welcome to Milan, the capital of Lombardy, Italy, a magnificent city in a beautiful region, filled with history, culture and great treasures to discover! You will also discover the magnificent lakes of Como and Maggiore and the cities of Bergamo, Pavia and Novara. Do you … Lire la suite

Bucharest and its region

Do you like to look behind stereotypes? So, welcome to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Marked in some places by the aberrations of communism, this city has been reinventing itself since the revolution of December 1989 and has many architectural treasures to discover! Do you want to rediscover a troubled history, meet warm and nice … Lire la suite