Leuven and its region

City trip in Belgium

We welcome you to your Voyage Experience guide: « Leuven and its region », which will help you discover this beautiful city of Belgium and other nearby cities that are well worth a visit. Leuven will enchant you with its architecture, parks and beguinages. We discovered this great city when we were young and living in Belgium. However, we still visit it every time we return to this country, which happens at least once a year, because it always has so much charm. As the guides on Belgium are rather dedicated to Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges, I thought of writing one on this magnificent city that has nothing to envy to the other three that are more famous. I’ll provide a concise overview of what you can visit in Leuven and its nearby region, whether it’s for a day, a weekend or an entire week.

If we were to write about all the places we visited, it would fill books of hundreds of pages, and the cost of printing in color would make the prices of our Voyage Experience guides prohibitive. Currently, paper versions are still preferred over electronic versions. Therefore, we always aim to highlight the most significant sites and synthesize as much information as possible.