New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands

Welcome to your new Voyage Experience: « New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands« ! We hope it will help you discover these stunning tropical islands with a breathtaking nature, a rich biodiversity, gorgeous beaches, superb lagoons, many of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you love to discover new gems, hiking, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sunbathing, horse … Lire la suite

New Orleans and its surroundings

Would you like to discover the cradle of jazz, but also an exciting city? So … Welcome to New Orleans, a city full of cultural and historical treasures, well-preserved colonial architecture, warm people, refined gastronomy with Creole, French and Spanish influences! Do you think it’s too far or too expensive for you? Think again! Our … Lire la suite


Thank you for purchasing this guide and welcome to your travel guide « Voyage Experience: Martinique« ! We hope it will help you discover this dream island that awaits your arrival. Martinique is not just an island among others: it’s really an incredible beautiful one! With gorgeous white and black sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, fantastic snorkeling … Lire la suite