Gorgeous Caribbean "Flower island"

Thank you for purchasing this guide and welcome to your travel guide « Voyage Experience: Martinique« ! We hope it will help you discover this dream island that awaits your arrival. Martinique is not just an island among others: it’s really an incredible beautiful one! With gorgeous white and black sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, fantastic snorkeling and diving spots featuring multicolored fish and sea turtles, lush nature, and beautiful flowers… The list is so long that I couldn’t even finish it. We spent three years on this paradise island, exploring it from top to bottom. In our opinion, Martinique has the most beautiful beaches we have seen so far (and we have visited several hundred in our travels). You’ll find their descriptions in this guide, along with our favorite spots. Maybe this will inspire you to go see these wonders for yourself, selecting the ones that suit your taste.

Well, to be honest, in 2023, we discovered some beaches even more beautiful than those you can find in this guide. So, if you want to find more about them, do not hesitate to read our guide “New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands”.

However, Martinique is an ideal destination if you’re seeking paradise beaches without dangers such as sharks, rough seas, or dangerous currents. It offers beautiful natural sites, numerous hikes, lush nature, and gorgeous flowers. Some hikes are truly unique, and various activities await your discovery.