Make your sports training a real success

Warming-up and recovering after

The importance of warm-up and recovery after exercise in sports performance

Performance is a daily quest when you want to achieve the results of high performance sports. Physical preparation must optimally force the limits of the body to allow the improvement of the performance but at the same time without causing accidents.

That is why it is very important for the training to be well planned so that no step is neglected. In this guide, we will analyse two of the most important stages of training that are often neglected or treated in a superficial way: warm-up and recovery after exercise.

These two phases are valid in all sports disciplines but are often treated with little responsibility. However, their role is crucial and they have a great influence on the organization and especially on the sporting performance. The correct realization of these two phases can bring a huge added value to the performance of the athlete, to the longevity of his practice but also to his general state of health.
Discover useful recommendations and tips, but also exercises with pictures in this little guide.

We initiated a collaboration with a senior scientist who trained athletes who successfully participated in the Olympics. Cristina Botezatu brings her experience and especially her results to this reference book that will allow all athletes to answer legitimate questions about a sometimes neglected aspect of their training.

You will discover clear, organized and accessible information, along with photos to learn how to make your training a real success!

What will you find in this handy and useful guide « Make your sports training
a real success »?

  • a clear presentation of the levers that act directly on sports training to increase sports performance
  • warm-up – planning, exercises, other factors
  • warming up of the main muscle groups
  • active-specific warming up
  • recovery of the body after exercise
  • stretching – importance, benefits and exercises

So, are you in the starting blocks to perform?
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Cristina & Olivier Rebiere