Performance and Sports Nutrition

Handbook with nutritional factors that can influence physical performance

Achieve and maintain performance through nutrition

Performance is a daily quest when you want to achieve the results of high performance sport. In addition to more or less intensive daily training, it is important to get to know the ins and outs of a correct day-to-day sports nutrition. To do this, ask yourself the right questions:

  • Do you practice a sport and want to reach a higher level?
  • Want to know the right drinks for optimal hydration?
  • Do you wonder about the energy needs of the sportsman?
  • Want to know the number of meals per day and their optimal composition to perform?
  • Are you wondering about food supplements?

Find recommendations and helpful tips in this little book.

We initiated a collaboration with a senior scientist who trained athletes who successfully participated in the Olympics. Cristina Botezatu brings her experience and especially her results to this reference handbook that will allow all athletes to answer legitimate questions about an often neglected aspect of their training: nutrition.

We want to share with you this useful and concrete knowledge that will answer your questions about nutrition, whether you are an endurance, power or strength, speed or explosiveness athlete.

You will discover clear, organized and accessible information to serve as a basis for your specific culture and usefully supplement your follow-up by a nutritionist.

What will you find in this practical handbook « Performance and Sports Nutrition »?

  • a clear presentation of the fundamental concepts of sports nutrition
  • genetic predispositions
  • hydration, nutrition
  • energy needs
  • formulas to calculate different indices
  • clear examples of calculations for meals during the day
  • specific sections by type of sport: endurance, power / strength, speed / explosiveness

So, are you in the starting blocks to reach performance?
OK, here we go!


Cristina & Olivier Rebiere