New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands

Welcome to your new Voyage Experience: « New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands« ! We hope it will help you discover these stunning tropical islands with a breathtaking nature, a rich biodiversity, gorgeous beaches, superb lagoons, many of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you love to discover new gems, hiking, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sunbathing, horse … Lire la suite

Langkawi Island

Welcome to your new Voyage Experience guide: ‘Langkawi Island’, introducing you to an exotic gem nestled in Malaysia – the primary island of the eponymous archipelago. While renowned among Asians, this destination remains undiscovered by much of the world. Prepare to explore pristine beaches adorned with fine sands and emerald waters, alongside untouched wilderness teeming with vibrant … Lire la suite


Welcome to your Voyage Experience guide: « Tasmania – Australia’s Treasures Island » which we hope will help you discover this beautiful Australian island that totally overwhelmed us with its beauty. Still little frequented by foreign tourists, this fabulous island is home to spectacular nature, breathtaking landscapes, an omnipresent fauna that will delight young and old and amaze them: kangourous, wallabies, … Lire la suite

Phuket and its region

Welcome to your new Voyage Experience guide: « Phuket and its region«  which we hope will help you discover a part of this gorgeous country, an authentic pearl of Asia with paradisiacal beaches, breathtaking landscapes, welcoming people, wild nature and a culinary richness that will enchant your taste buds. A mix of culture, nature, and history that we have … Lire la suite

Brazil – Salvador and its region

Discover Salvador, the key to Bahia’s treasures! South America. Brasil. Wow! Bahia … Salvador de Bahia. Just the name makes you dream, doesn’t it? Just hearing it, you can feel the exotic wind inviting us to leave, the fire of samba transporting us to the famous Carnival, the land of bossa nova. Do you feel … Lire la suite

Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Saintes islands

Would you like a slice of paradise? So… Welcome to Guadeloupe, the paradise island in the Caribbean Sea with a French touch! Do you think that exotic tourism, ever-sunny beaches, incredible flowers  and nature are not for you? Make no mistake: this is possible! Our eGuide will definitely change your mind. Discover at your own … Lire la suite