The People of the Fish

Grateful – although surprised by the speed of their wedding celebration – Zia and Kadmeron begin a new life full of promise in the ginte of Split Rock. United to each other but far from home, they gradually find their marks in this harsh existence in the middle of the mountains. With the snow season … Lire la suite

The Gold Mountain

Distraught after the immense loss she has just suffered, Zia decides to continue her long initiatory journey despite pain and obstacles. She becomes aware of the fabulous heritage left by Lidova and realizes the immense expectations of the people who welcome her. Nevertheless, she must go through with her promise made to the old healer … Lire la suite

How to build a healthy and lasting relationship?

« A lasting relationship of love (or friendship) is planning beyond feelings or emotions »: this is what Cristina Rebiere asserts in an effecient demonstration of the ins and outs of communication, truth and self-knowledge within a work of unique clarity. In a simple and direct language she puts us in front of the mirror and shows … Lire la suite

Live your dreams!: Stop dreaming

Wanna have a smart, cheap & inspiring travel experience? Welcome to this free course, it will help you travel and make your dream come true! Do you think that travel is not for you: too expensive or over-complicated? Make no mistake: this is possible! This free course will definitely change your mind. Discover simple and easy tips … Lire la suite