New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands

Welcome to your new Voyage Experience: « New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands« ! We hope it will help you discover these stunning tropical islands with a breathtaking nature, a rich biodiversity, gorgeous beaches, superb lagoons, many of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you love to discover new gems, hiking, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sunbathing, horse … Lire la suite

Milan and its region

Would you like to discover a new charming town? So welcome to Milan, the capital of Lombardy, Italy, a magnificent city in a beautiful region, filled with history, culture and great treasures to discover! You will also discover the magnificent lakes of Como and Maggiore and the cities of Bergamo, Pavia and Novara. Do you … Lire la suite

Phuket and its region

Welcome to your new Voyage Experience guide: « Phuket and its region«  which we hope will help you discover a part of this gorgeous country, an authentic pearl of Asia with paradisiacal beaches, breathtaking landscapes, welcoming people, wild nature and a culinary richness that will enchant your taste buds. A mix of culture, nature, and history that we have … Lire la suite

Krakow and its region

Would you like to meet History at every street corner? Welcome to Krakow, in Poland, right in the heart of Central Europe, one of the most beautiful cities of the old continent! Would you like to be amazed by a stunning city, breathtaking landscapes, and enjoy this beauty? Krakow and its region are the right … Lire la suite


Thank you for purchasing this guide and welcome to your travel guide « Voyage Experience: Martinique« ! We hope it will help you discover this dream island that awaits your arrival. Martinique is not just an island among others: it’s really an incredible beautiful one! With gorgeous white and black sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, fantastic snorkeling … Lire la suite