Organize a magical party for your child

Create magic for your child - themed parties, costumes ideas, detailed activities, photos and resources

How to organize a great party for your children?

  • Do you want to organize a special party for your kid all by yourself ?
  • Do you want to bring magic to his/her birthday?
  • This little Kids Experience « Organize a magical party for your child » will help you!
  • Discover themed parties for all ages, tested and that have a lot of success, resources, detailed description of activities by ages, costumes ideas 🙂

We organize parties for more than ten years so take advantage from our experience in the organization of birthdays events and parties for children of all ages.

Organize a party for your child is a magical time to share. It is also an opportunity to create unforgettable memories for both her or him, but also for you 🙂

We wish to share with you our useful knowledge, our tips to help you successfully organize a party.

What are you going to find in this Kids Experience practical guide: « Organize a magical party for your child »?

  • 5 sections with theme parties by ages
  • advice, tips ans photos to illustrate the parties
  • useful resources that you can download on our website that will help you in your mission: create magic for your child!
  • material needed and stages of preparation
  • detailed activities according with each theme
  • themes : magic, medieval party, treasure hunts, adventurers

So, are you ready to organize a magic party for your child ?
OK, let’s go!


Cristina & Olivier Rebiere