Cathy Merlin, Adventures in Lençois

An eventful return to Lençois… At the beginning of the book, you discover Cathy Merlin with her friends in the beautiful village of Lençois, in the heart of Brazil. In principle, the few days of green class should take place calmly, with sightseeing tours and leisurely walks. But very quickly, the stay does not start … Lire la suite

The Canadelves

The Canadelves Cathy spends the holidays in Mauricie, a beautiful region of Canada. Summer promises to be good with Mathilde who takes care of her. Caroline, her best friend, was able to join her to spend several weeks together. They are astonished by the wide forests and lakes. It is in this setting that they … Lire la suite

Cathy Merlin 2. The path of secrets

The path of secrets Cathy continues her adventures in Brazil with Caroline and their friends. Captured by a mysterious and wild man, they will have to show inventiveness and mutual aid to be able to escape. A very exceptional spell will be particularly useful to them! But will they be able to use it in … Lire la suite

Cathy Merlin 1. Elves’ world

Elves’ world At the age of twelve, Cathy Merlin discovers Brazil where her diplomat father has just been appointed. Arriving in an unknown country is often difficult. So Cathy has adjust to new habits and discover her new home. She can count on Mathilde, the housekeeper who has looked after her for years. Her dad … Lire la suite

Activities and Games for kids to do everywhere

How to play everywhere with your children? Are your children getting bored in front of the TV or with their gaming console? Do you want some ideas with playful or educational activities? This little Kids Experience book « Activities & Games for children to do everywhere » will help you! Discover different categories of games and activities for all … Lire la suite

Organize a magical party for your child

How to organize a great party for your children? Do you want to organize a special party for your kid all by yourself ? Do you want to bring magic to his/her birthday? This little Kids Experience « Organize a magical party for your child » will help you! Discover themed parties for all ages, tested and that have … Lire la suite