Where to meet History, temples and… Plenitude :-)

Hi there and BONJOUR 🙂

First of all, as you probably know it, we were several times in Thailand and it is – always – a deep and life-changing experience.

There you can reach what we can call… Plenitude.

Just look at that photograph below… Isn’t this a peaceful place inviting to meditate and reflect about what other cultures were able to create centuries ago?

Plenitude - Prasat Muang Tam temple - Thailand Central & North - Travel eGuide - OlivierRebiere.com

Therefore we would like to share with you some of the amazing places we saw and visited, in the northern and central parts of Thailand. Besides the hyper-famous capital Bangkok, there are lots of other cities, small and beautiful hidden temples that worth the visit!

Just take a look at our useful articles and videos, and do not forget to grab some tips and tricks to travel without ruining yourself 🙂

You can discover our brand-new « Travel eGuide: Thailand Central & North » on several digital platforms:

So, bon voyage and talk soon!

With kind regards,
Olivier & Cristina

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