Management of educational projects

Free digital tools to perform and communicate!

Free digital tools to manage projects.

  • Are you a teacher confident in the creation and implementation of an educational project?
  • Do you want to acquire simple methods to manage and propel your project on the internet?
  • This little eGuide « Management of educational projects » will help you!
  • Discover tested methods and simple free digital tools that will make your life easier and really help you 🙂

We have more than fifteen years of experience in the organization and implementation of complex projects, whether in the corporate life or in the co-financed European projects.

We want to share with you our useful knowledge, our tips to help you succeed in setting up your project and to face all these missions.

You will discover free digital tools that will simplify your life and enable you to work collaboratively and efficiently on the Internet.

What will you find in this practical and useful guide « Management of educational projects »?

  • 16 sections with the major stages and tools of creation to the dissemination of your project
  • + 150 pages useful and easily realizable information
  • Strategic vision: The mind map
  • Tactical vision: The Gantt chart
  • Operational vision: free digital tools from Google
  • Tips and examples for understanding

So, are you ready to manage your project easily?
OK, let’s go!

Kind regards,

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere