The People of the Fish

Grateful – although surprised by the speed of their wedding celebration – Zia and Kadmeron begin a new life full of promise in the ginte of Split Rock. United to each other but far from home, they gradually find their marks in this harsh existence in the middle of the mountains. With the snow season … Lire la suite

The Gold Mountain

Distraught after the immense loss she has just suffered, Zia decides to continue her long initiatory journey despite pain and obstacles. She becomes aware of the fabulous heritage left by Lidova and realizes the immense expectations of the people who welcome her. Nevertheless, she must go through with her promise made to the old healer … Lire la suite

The Amulet of the Seasons

Zia finally leaves the ginte where she has spent happy days near the New Sea in the east, her heart filled with contradictory feelings. She begins her journey of initiation as a priestess and accompanies the funeral procession of her adored grandfather to the necropolis of the Sages. The young girl discovers this sacred place … Lire la suite

The waters’ fury

The waters’ fury Kadmeron, a young hunter-gatherer from Western Europe, prepares for his shamanic initiation. The horse’s spirit comes to warn him during his sleep of an imminent catastrophe. The incessant rains that have falling on the Saveronacs people for months have weakened the soil. They have also profoundly changed the behavior of humans and … Lire la suite

Gardening with your children

Cultivating, harvesting, feeding yourself – isn’t (a little) the meaning of life? Everyhting is « ok »: Junk food invaded our lives Plastic pollutes our rivers and oceans So we have to go back to the authentic, the natural. It’s urgent! Let’s start by changing our habits And (re)start introducing our children to the art of… gardening. … Lire la suite

Use Google forms for evaluation

Evaluate your learners with Google forms Are you a teacher and are you feeling the need to put in place an alternative pedagogy to make your learners succeed? Want to know how to set up quizzes easily accessible on smartphone, tablet or computer? This little guide will help you! Discover a simple, step-by-step approach with … Lire la suite