Cathy Merlin, Adventures in Lençois

Gamebook where YOU decide what the characters do!

An eventful return to Lençois…

At the beginning of the book, you discover Cathy Merlin with her friends in the beautiful village of Lençois, in the heart of Brazil. In principle, the few days of green class should take place calmly, with sightseeing tours and leisurely walks. But very quickly, the stay does not start as planned and Cathy must make choices with her friends. For that, she needs YOU! By answering the questions that you read, you will decide on the continuation of the story, by « jumping » to another numbered paragraph of this « read-adventure » book to find out what happens next.

Do you already know the « Create Your Own Adventure » books? If so, you know how it works. Otherwise, you will have fun!

Be careful, because you will have to weigh the pros and cons: every decision counts and changes the story! You will have to use magic or agility, cunning or force. Can you help the characters in this new adventure to make the right decisions? To explore the surroundings and find what the Amazon jungle hides very close to Lençois village?

A gamebook or « reading-adventure » where YOU decide!

If you like Cathy Merlin’s adventures, discover this new and fun way to choose for yourself what the characters you know well will do! The story will change as you decide and you will be able to discover unexplored areas of the book! Depending on what you decide, the characters will succeed or fail in their mission. But you can always restart your gamebook and discover several possible endings that are well hidden there!

In this « Reading-Adventure » format, inspired by role-playing games, « CYOA books », with a little magic and a touch of humor, we have fun while reading. Several endings are possible, and not necessarily the most positive.

But it is always possible to start the gamebook over and make Cathy and her friends succeed!

Cathy Merlin: a series about magic and ecology!

Pollution, climate change: the current challenges of our world are numerous. How to explain complex concepts to the youngest? How can we make our children getting aware of these problems and reconnecting with Nature? We must both use the mechanisms of tales and legends as well as the harsh realities from which our planet suffers. This positive collection of small novels tries to offers this kind of vision to young adolescents who have their feet on the ground but still know how to dream!

“Cathy Merlin” is a youth series full of magical and great adventures. Each book combines magic and realism and skillfully slaloms between spells and plants’ medicinal properties. With humor and wisdom, Cristina Rebiere takes great pleasure in making us travel around the world in places that really exist and that she has visited. So, get ready to discover an original and atypical series that will delight readers of all ages!