Activities and Games for kids to do everywhere

Create magic for your kids!

How to play everywhere with your children?

  • Are your children getting bored in front of the TV or with their gaming console?
  • Do you want some ideas with playful or educational activities?
  • This little Kids Experience book « Activities & Games for children to do everywhere » will help you!
  • Discover different categories of games and activities for all ages, get some funny and creative ideas 🙂

We organize parties for more than ten years so take advantage from our experience in the organization of birthdays events and parties for children of all ages.

Playing or inventing an activity tailored for your child is a magical time to share. It is also an opportunity to create unforgettable memories for both her or him, but also for you 🙂

We wish to share with you our useful knowledge, our tips to help you successfully play games or create activites that work everywhere!

What are you going to find in this Kids Experience practical guide : « Activities & Games for children to do everywhere »?

  • 7 sections with theme parties by ages
  • advice, tips ans photos to illustrate the parties
  • material needed, age, and stages of preparation
  • detailed activities according with each theme

So, are you ready to unchain the creativity and play with your child?
OK, let’s go!


Cristina & Olivier Rebiere