Turin and its region

Discover this gorgeous city of Italy, rich in culture, history, with an exceptional heritage and its beautiful region!

Do you like to discover new charming cities?

So welcome to Turin, the capital of Piedmont, in Italy, a beautiful city full of history, culture and great treasures to discover!

  • Do you want to discover some history, meet warm people and enjoy a tasty and varied gastronomy? Do you like architecture?
  • Then, Turin and its region will make the ideal destination whether for a weekend or a whole week!
  • In fact, we hope that our guide will prove it to you.
  • Read at your own pace and flip through photos, sites or your interests.

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In this innovative guide, which is a vitamin supplement to classic tourist guides, we share with you our passion for travel and our love and experience in Turin. It is a city that will seduce the most discerning travelers by the diversity of its treasures: superb palaces, parks, magnificent churches, an exceptional architecture. It is a gorgeous city with a charming atmosphere, with lively terraces, gelaterias and cafeterias that invite you to have a good coffee with one of their tasty ice cream or pastry, with lots of shops for shopping lovers, breathtaking museums and a rich cultural life.

So if you do not know where to spend your next holiday or an extended weekend, why do not take a tour in this beautiful city of Italy – Turin?

What are you going to get from this guide Voyage Experience?

  • + 60 photos
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