Province of Malaga

We welcome you to your new Voyage Experience guide: « Province of Malaga », which will allow you to discover this magnificent province of Spain, nestled in an exceptional natural setting. It will be useful if you want to go there for one or several weeks. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the sun, this province of Andalusia is a real gem. It does not know winter along its coastline with its beautiful beaches (300 days of sunshine per year on average!!!). Malaga is also mountainous in the interior, where nature and its varied landscapes will surely charm you. Olive tree and almond tree plantations as far as the eye can see, white villages resting on the heights of hills or mountains, illuminate remote valleys where the sweetness of life is not only a concept. We discovered this province in the midst of the Covid health crisis because Spain had the wisdom to reverse the first decisions made in panic.

While in several countries the quarantines were strict, in Spain, the management by autonomous regions allowed travel within provinces with restaurants, museums and other leisure and cultural structures, open to the public. We were fortunate to get to know the Spaniards in a different light and to appreciate their « joie de vivre« . While respecting the sanitary measures, we were able to continue to live normally, making visits and walks in nature.

In this guide, we share with you our discoveries: the beautiful city of Malaga, but also the picturesque Antequera, Nerja with its exceptional cave as well as other jewels that make this province of the Costa del Sol a destination to discover in any season. We have spent more than two months traveling through it and we will certainly come back to it as it has conquered our hearts.