Travel eGuide: Prague & its region

Discover the pearl of the Czech Republic and Central Europe!

So welcome to Prague, a beautiful city full of palaces, castles, churches and architectural jewels!

  • Do you want to discover history, be dazzled by the beauty of a harmonious blend of architectural styles and taste a varied gastronomy with delicious desserts?
  • Then Prague is for you!
  • In fact, we hope our Travel Experience guide will prove it to you.
  • Read at your own pace and browse through photos, sites or interests

We are Cristina & Olivier Rebière and have been traveling the world since we were students. We have visited more than 45 countries and love finding solutions for traveling at affordable prices and maximizing our budget to discover hidden treasures during our stay, just like you!

Prepare and experience your vacation … differently!

In reality, in this innovative travel guide, which is a vitamin supplement to classic tourist guides, we share with you our passion for travel and our favorite for Prague, this superb European capital. A pearl that will seduce the most demanding travelers by the diversity of its treasures: magnificent castles and palaces, authenticity, a rich culture, lively restaurants and terraces and a very special atmosphere …

So if you don’t know where to spend your next vacation, why not take a tour in this beautiful city of Prague and its surroundings?

Navigate through all the information by choosing from the 3 available methods:

  1. By site: use a « classic » geographic display with high-resolution maps
  2. By photo: choose one of the photos and « jump » in the corresponding section
  3. By affinity or interest: select one of the thematic icons and obtain a list of corresponding sites!

What will you get with this Travel Experience Guide: Prague & its surroundings?

  • 120 pages of quality content
  • more than 50 photos
  • 3 tourist sections
  • a map with the main attractions
  • special tight budget
  • trip tested and validated
  • a gastronomic section to cook delicious dishes back home
  • a Czech travel lexicon to make your trip easier
  • FREE UDEMY TRAINING to learn our tips & tricks for FREE travel without breaking the bank

Testimonies of other people on this FREE training (more than 400 French-speaking students, more than 3300 English-speaking)

  • « Course very well done. We feel the experience of Cristina. A course that I highly recommend to anyone who really wants to travel and prepare their trip well. » – Marc
  • « This training is useful & beneficial for novice travelers who want to visit the world. I liked the organization of the sections & the detailed information. » – Kamel Halabi

In conclusion, Prague is a real pearl that is full of beauties to discover!

So, are you ready to take off?
Best regards,

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere