Pain Be Gone Secrets

Precious Insights for Every Person in Pain so they can say goodbye to their pain... fast!

Is pain ruining your quality of life? It doesn’t have to be so.

In this unique book, Dr Campeau is taking a historical approach to explore both multiple ancient therapies that have stood the test of time, and the upcoming promising new techniques that relieve pain without addictive side-effects.

Whether it’s physical discomfort, like arthritis, back or neck pain, or a sport injury, or emotional condition due to a difficult relationship or a loss, this book provides detailed effective and practical solutions for multiple types of pain.

From ancient treatments like herbs to modern therapies, including lasers and brain implants, sufferers are bound to find a solution to their specific problem in this practical book.

Packed with helpful and easy-to-implement « secrets », you will find here resourceful no-brainer solutions to enhance your global wellness!

A word from the author to the (potential) reader:

« Pain has the nasty habit of occupying the whole stage of our days (and nights), abandoning everything else (family, work, leisure…) in order to cope with it.

I understand how miserable you must feel. Maybe you’re also desperate, not knowing where to turn to next. I know that feeling! And my hope is that we can change that together.


Reviewing all this information will give you the opportunity to discover different ways to manage your ache, so you may have a better chance for recovery.

My heart goes to you, dear reader!

This book is an offering from my heart. May you find in it the relief from pain that you are desperately looking for. »

What will you find in this practical book “Pain Be Gone Secrets”?

  • 5 chapters and dozens of « secrets » about pain
  • What is it?
  • Treatments throughout the ages
  • Light Therapy
  • The Future of Pain relief Therapies
  • Dealing with Emotional and Existential Pain
  • 150+ pages with useful and actionable info
  • advice and examples

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Dr Nathalie Campeau,
Cristina & Olivier Rebiere