Kuala Lumpur and its region

Exotic Getaway in Malaysia

Welcome to your Voyage Experience guide: ‘Kuala Lumpur and its region’, which we hope will help you discover the capital of this beautiful country. It is very affordable and situated at the crossroads of several cultures, peoples, and religions. The city offers amazing landscapes, exotic cuisine, and exuberant nature In Malaysia, history is surprisingly intertwined with the present and tradition, all infused with a strong sense of modernity.

We have been to Kuala Lumpur three times, and on our last visit, in December 2023, we saw a lot of changes. The forest of buildings is denser, but the jungle still breaks through thanks to its vigor in some neighborhoods and its hills and ravines that prevent construction in many places. There are even more shopping malls, getting bigger and bigger, as it is one of the passions of locals and foreign tourists alike. If during our first stay in Malaysia, we were quite impressed, during this last stay, after a month and a half across the country, our feelings were quite mixed, and we will tell you about it as we go along.