Helping your child to grow up consciously

Guide pratique pour les parentsPractical and useful tips for parents

A child is for life. His or Her life.

Having a child is a commitment for a lifetime.
A life … But which one?

Yours, first of all, but also hers.
Girl or boy, your child did not ask to be born.
He or she is the result of a deep love, a thoughtful and driven will in the best of cases, or an « accident » in the worst.

However, in all cases, the child is not responsible for his birth.
Of his own existence.
Thus, he is not the author.

But the child must ultimately become the author and actor of his own life.
With precious help.
Have you thought about it?

To understand the universe and the society around him, he or she will need an indispensable ally.
His parent.

The role of a parent

Parenthood confers more responsibilities than rights. It is the most demanding « job ».

To be a parent is above all to accept being, almost all the time, in the process of becoming.

Because a child constantly seeks to:

to play
explore its environment
push the limits
test, taste, learn

So he or she needs someone responsible who knows how to set spatial and temporal limits for them.

These limits must … fall back.
Because they must adapt to the child who grows, matures, must gain autonomy, must become author and actor of his own life.

And all of this can only be done if you, yourself, are ready to evolve.
To change.
To be in the making.
Even as a parent with authority.

For this, you need an essential quality.
Who talks.

Think and act with conscience and kindness

Many of the things we do, the habits and behaviors we adopt, are unwanted, not even … conscious.

Our actions are often dictated by our past, our society, and are not thought out or filtered by us.
Have you thought about it?

In fact, it is essential to train ourselves to think in advance about the teachings that we are going to transmit to this child, this growing being, for which we are responsible for building.

So we must be aware of what we say to our child, of these questions, of our answers. From our prejudices, our beliefs, our reflexes …

This book covers essential themes to anticipate difficulties, obstacles, and will help you to realize the importance of the quality of your conscious help for your child.

So that this human adventure, built together, will be one of the most beautiful of your lives.