Cathy Merlin – 4. Tremors…


After all the emotions experienced in Canada, Cathy and Caroline return to Brazil. There, their friendship will be tested once again. Fortunately, powerful new spells are on their long list of lessons at the elves’ school. And the boys are starting to pay more attention to the young girls… Cathy is getting ready to leave for a new beautiful and unknown country for her: Ireland. She will learn more about Gaelic magic there and encounter strange creatures like Leprechauns and Halflings. It will also be an opportunity for her to finally learn more about her mother. In fact, she will realize that her father knows much more than she had previously thought!

But a new ambitious and cruel ruler ascends to the throne of the ogres. He will want to take the war to a new level by using Gwenola. To ensure victory, he will mobilize troops all over the planet, recruiting unexpected allies to accelerate pollution. Will Cathy and her friends be able to contain these attacks and succeed in raising awareness among humans? Will they be able to counter all these Tremors?

Cathy Merlin: a series about magic and ecology!

Pollution, climate change: the current challenges of our world are numerous. How to explain complex concepts to the youngest? How can we make our children aware of these problems and reconnect with Nature? We can both use the mechanisms of tales and legends as well as the harsh realities from which our planet suffers. This positive collection of small novels tries to offers this type of perspective to young adolescents who are grounded but yet still know how to dream!

“Cathy Merlin” is a youth series full of magical and great adventures. Each book combines magic and realism, skillfully slaloms between spells and the medicinal properties of plants. With humor and wisdom, Cristina Rebiere takes great pleasure in taking us on a journey around the world to real places she has visited. So, get ready to discover an original and unique series that will delight readers of all ages!