101 useful ideas to… build an adventure park

The "big picture" to build and operate an adventure park

The roadmap to build an adventure park!

  • Are you dreaming of creating and building an adventure park?
  • You do not know where to begin and you need a bird’s eye view?
  • This small ebook « 101 useful ideas to… Build your Adventure Park » will boost you!
  • Discover a real roadmap which will really help you 🙂

We have more than a decade of experience in the conception, construction and operation of an adventure park with many activities and attractions such as tree climbing. We have built several cable courses in height. We organized and facilitated dozens of team building events involving hundreds of participants for groups ranging from 7 to 500 people, adults and youth.

We wish to share with you our useful knowledge, our tips and tricks to help you succeed in making your project come true and face all the missions you have to complete.

You will discover tools and ideas that will simplify your life and allow you to make your dream come true: build your adventure park.

What will you find in this practical guide « 101 useful ideas to… Build your adventure park »?

  • 11 sections with the big steps and ideas to create your adventure park
  • 101 useful ideas providing a real roadmap to follow
  • 150+ pages with useful and actionable info
  • advice and example

So, are you ready to create your own adventure park?
Let’s get started!

Kind regards,

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere