101 Smoothies for your health

Curative fruit and vegetable smoothies recipes

Would you like a delicious and healthy smoothie?

  • Do you like smoothies?
  • Would you like to know how to use fruits and vegetables to make delicious smoothies and improve your health?
  • Life is also made of simple pleasures that can turn into pure happiness easily 😉
  • Our collection of practical ebooks”eGuide Nature” is going to prove it to you!


Discover small, easy and cheap books that will help you to bring nature into your every day life !

We love to cook and of course love preparing any kind of fresh juices or smoothies  🙂

We wish to share with you our knowledge and our helpful tips for “tame” simply this Nature whose sometimes modern life takes us away…

You are going to discover small useful practical guides, always handy in your smartphone 🙂

N°9 – 101 Smoothies for your health

In this ebook we will see how to prepare delicious smoothies to stay simple and naturally healthy!

What are you going to find in this “eGuide Nature”?

  • natural and healing properties of some fruits and vegetables
  • our tips to prepare smoothies
  • 101 recipes by ailment
  • more than 200 pages of content

So, are you ready to bring nature into your everyday life?! Yes?
Let’s go!

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