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A series exploring the challenges of the Mesolithic period.
The People of the FishThe Shell NecklaceThe Forgotten Island ClanThe Gold MountainThe Amulet of the SeasonsThe waters' fury
A series of magic and ecology!
Tremors...Adventures in LençoisThe CanadelvesCathy Merlin 2. The path of secretsCathy Merlin 1. Elves’ world


A vitaminized supplement to classic tourist guides!
Kuala Lumpur and its regionLangkawi IslandSouth KoreaProvince of QuebecKhao Lak, Phang Nga and surrounding area MartiniquePhuket and its regionPlovdivTurin and its regionLeuven and its regionMontpellier and its regionTimisoara and its regionTasmaniaAragon – Zaragoza, Teruel, Huesca, and moreKrakow and its regionMartiniqueWarsaw and LodzNew Caledonia and Loyalty IslandsGuadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Saintes islandsGranada - City trip in AndalusiaProvince of MalagaHikes for everyone - Province of MalagaMalagaMilan and its regionNew Orleans and its surroundingsOntarioBrazil - Salvador and its regionQuebec City and its areaMontreal and its regionZaragoza and AragonTurin and its regionBucharest and its regionZaragoza and AragonPrague & its regionProvince of QuebecGuadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Saintes islandsMartinique

Invite the benefits of Nature into your life.

How to look after a dog

Create an organic garden on your balcony

Mapping a forest or a land

101 Smoothies for your health

Exotic fruits and vegetables

Natural drinks for your health

Aromatic plants for your health

90+ herbal teas to be in good health

70+ natural juices for your health

How to care for your Guinea Pig?

How to care for your chinchilla?

Rabbit care guide

How to choose mushrooms?

Effective tools and methods to help teachers and learners!
Motivate your class through game n°1Use Google forms for evaluationCreate a website in one hourManagement of educational projectsMastering the Gantt chart

Create and live the team spirit!

Team Building inside n°9 - Survival in nature

Team Building inside - icebreakers

Team Building inside 8 - adventure & trust

Team Building inside 7 - organization

Team Building inside #4 - strategy & planning

Team Building inside #5 - resource & time management

Team Building inside #6 - creativity

Team Building inside #3 - project management & innovation

Team Building inside 2 - communication

Team Building inside #1 - teamwork & coordination

Find serenity and inner peace!

The art of simplicity

Marlene, radiography of a drama

Free yourself from toxic relationships

How to build a healthy and lasting relationship?

Get fit without getting tired

Being well with your weight

How to reduce stress naturally

Helping your child to grow up consciously

Play and discover with your children!

Gardening with your children

Discover the world differently n°2

Discover the world differently n°3

Discover the world differently n°1

Cooking with children

Medieval games and activities for children

Nature activities for children

Activities & Games for kids to do everywhere

Organize a magical party for your child

Useful techniques for authors.

How to create an audio book

How to understand a publishing contract

useful ideas and techniques to get started!

101 useful ideas to... Build an adventure park

101 useful ideas to... create your own business

Books that do you good!

Boost your Heart Energy

Pain Be Gone Secrets

Improve your sports performance!

Make your sports training a real success

Performance and Sports Nutrition

Live your dreams!